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Complete the sentence. In the Preliminary Phase, all of the following are part of preparing the organization to undertake successful enterprise architecture, except __________.

A.    defining architecture principles
B.    defining relationships between management frameworks
C.    defining the enterprise
D.    evaluating the enterprise architecture maturity
E.    identifying stakeholders and their concerns

Answer: E

Which phase of the ADM establishes a set of Principles?

A.    Preliminary Phase
B.    Phase A
C.    Phase D
D.    Phase G
E.    Phase H

Answer: A

In which Phase of the ADM does the business scenario technique figure most prominently?

A.    Preliminary
B.    Architecture Vision
C.    Business Architecture
D.    Information Systems Architectures
E.    Technology Architecture

Answer: B

Which one of the following best describes the Architecture Vision document?

A.    An agreement between development partners and the sponsor on architecture deliverables
B.    A description of how the new capability will address stakeholder concerns
C.    A description of the scope and approach for completion of the architecture project
D.    A set of quantitative statements outlining requirements on the implementation
E.    A set of rules and guidelines to support fulfilling the mission of the organization

Answer: B

Which of the following best describes TOGAF?

A.    An abstract framework for the development of standards and processes for a business architecture
B.    A collection of components organized to accomplish a specific set of functions
C.    A process model, best practices and assets to aid production, use and maintenance of enterprise architectures
D.    A reference model containing taxonomy defining terminology for an enterprise architecture, together with an associated graphic
E.    A system development lifecycle method for software engineering

Answer: C

Which ADM phase establishes the connection between the architecture organization and the implementation organization through the Architecture Contract?

A.    Phase E
B.    Phase F
C.    Phase G
D.    Phase H
E.    Requirements Management

Answer: C

Which one of the following statements about the Requirements Management phase is true?

A.    All requirements fed into the phase are prioritized, and those of low priority are deferred until the next iteration of the ADM cycle
B.    The phase generates the requirements for a given ADM cycle using the Business Scenario technique
C.    The phase manages the flow of requirements, storing them, and feeding them in and out of the relevant ADM phases
D.    The phase operates like a waiting room, and all requirements fed in to the phase must be resolved by the end of the current ADM cycle
E.    The phase resolves the requirements that are fed into it from the other ADM phases

Answer: C

Which section of the TOGAF template for defining principles should highlight the requirements for carrying out the principle?

A.    Implications
B.    Name
C.    Rationale
D.    Statement

Answer: A

Which one of the following best describes the next step in an Architecture Compliance Review once the scope of the review has been determined?

A.    Interview the project principals to obtain background information
B.    Prepare the Architecture Compliance Review report
C.    Schedule the Architecture Review meeting
D.    Send the assessment report to the Architecture Review co-ordinator
E.    Tailor the checklists to address business requirements

Answer: E

Complete the sentence. During the implementation of an architecture, if the original Architecture Definition and requirements are not suitable, a ____ may be submitted to initiate further architecture work.

A.    Capability Assessment
B.    Change Request
C.    Requirements Impact Analysis
D.    Statement of Architecture Work

Answer: B


1.|2017 Version New CS0-001 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) 85Q&As Download:

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