This page was exported from Braindump2go Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE(New Version!) [ ] Export date:Mon Jun 17 19:07:48 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [300-085 New Dumps!]Download Braindump2go 300-085 Exam Questions PDF 211Q Free[187-202] --------------------------------------------------- 2018/September Braindump2go 300-085 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 300-085 Real Exam Questions:1.|2018 Latest 300-085 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 211Q&As Download:|2018 Latest 300-085 Exam Questions & Answers Download: 187Which two appear under the System Settings section of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.)A. telephony integrationB. licensesC. interview handlersD. bulk administration toolE. service parametersAnswer: BEQUESTION 188When using the Cisco VCS command line, what happens if you use an existing option index to add an extra option Key?A. The system generates an error and cancels the operation.B. The new option key is added, but it does not provide any functionality until the old option key is deleted.C. he existing option is overwritten, and the functionality that was provided by that option key no longer exists.D. The existing option is overwritten and provides the functionality of both option keys.Answer: DQUESTION 189You are the persistent chat feature on Cisco Untied IM and Presence. Which prerequisite must be in place for this feature to work?A. third-party compliance serversB. external file serversC. external databasesD. group chat serversAnswer: CQUESTION 190Which deployment model offers geographic datacenter redundancy, remote failover, high availability, scale, and local failover?A. multisite with distributed call processingB. dual call controlC. multisite with centralized call processingD. clustering over the WANE. campusAnswer: DQUESTION 191You are integrating Cisco Unity Connection with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to provide voicemail services for an organization. Which protocol does Cisco Unity Connection use to access the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database?A. JTAPIB. VXMLC. AXLD. SOAPAnswer: CQUESTION 192Client Re-Login Upper Limit Server Recovery Manager service parameter Client Re-Login Lower Limit Server Recovery Manager service parameter affect the client failover behavior of Cisco jabber? (Choose two.)A. Client Re-Login Upper Limit Server Recovery Manager service parameterB. Client Re-Login Lower Limit Server Recovery Manager service parameterC. jabber-config.xrnl file defines a PresenceServerFailoverTimer. such as.< PresenceServerFailoverTimer>300</PresenceServerFailoverTimer>,D. Timer Register Expires configuration on the SIP profile of the Jabber device secondary CUP node configuration defined in the Service Profile assigned to the userAnswer: ABQUESTION 193Which two are required when enabling BFCP with Cisco VCS? (Choose two.)A. TLS connectivity between VCS and Cisco Unified CMB. SIP UDP/BCF filter mode set to OnC. a custom BFCP enabled SIP profile configured in Cisco Unified CMD. VCS Load BalancingE. VCS ZoneAnswer: CEQUESTION 194What is an extension of the Cisco TMS legacy calendar option that is used for conferencing?A. Cisco VCS-EB. Cisco VCS-CC. Cisco TMSBAD. Cisco TMSXEAnswer: CQUESTION 195Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM & Presence supports which two protocols? (Choose two.)A. H.323B. CT1/QBEC. XMPPD. MVAE. MGCPAnswer: BCQUESTION 196A user calla from one Cisco Jabber for Windows softphone client to another. After the call is established, the desktop share button .s greyed out. Which two device configurations are possible causes for this issue? (Choose two)A. On the CSF device, the Ignore Presentation Indicators option is checked.B. On the SIP profile for the device, the Allow multiple codecs in answer SDP option is unchecked.C. On the CSF device or SIP profile, the Allow Presentation Sharing Using BFCP option is unchecked.D. On the CSF device, the Use Trusted Relay Point option is set to On.E. On the SIP profile for the device, the Allow iX Application Media option is unchecked.Answer: CDQUESTION 197Which two statements about partitions and search spaces in Cisco Unity Connection are true? (Choose two.)A. You find partitions, and search spaces under call routing rules.B. Changing the system default partition and search space affect any objects or templates that are ready created.C. A partition consists of a logical grouping of Objects that are identified by extension, name, or SMTP address.D. Partitions and search spaces provide a way to segregate the global dial and message addressing space within Cisco Unity Connection.E. A partition contains an ordered list of search spaces.Answer: CDQUESTION 198Which definition of Caller Input on Cisco Unity Connection is true?A. It defines actions that Cisco Unity Connection takes in response to phone keys that are pressed by callers during a call handler greeting.B. It defines actions that Cisco Unity Connection takes in response to a preconfigured call handler.C. Transfers all incoming calls to the Opening Greeting call handler.D. Plays a brief goodbye message and then hangs up.Answer: AQUESTION 199Which is the default database name for the TMS operational and system configuration data?A. ngtmsB. tmsngC. tmsngdbD. tmsdbAnswer: BQUESTION 200Which file format is supported for creating users in bulk in Cisco Unity Connection?A. xlsxB. txtC. xlsmD. csvAnswer: DQUESTION 201Which two statements about Cisco TMS call launch options are true? (Choose two.)A. For "One Button ta Push." the user needs to know the conference number before starting the session.B. For "Automatic Connect," the Cisco Telepresence MCU device dials, and the user must answer the call.C. For "Manual Connect." the designated user must log in and start the meetingD. For "Automatic Connect," the desktop software dials, and the user must answer the call.E. For "One Button to Push," the user does not need to know the conference number.Answer: BEQUESTION 202Which two standard-base interface can the Cisco Unified Presence use to collect, aggregate, and distribute user capabilities and attributes?A. RESTB. HTTPS.C. SOAPD. SIPE. XMLAnswer: CD!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2018 Latest 300-085 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 211Q&As Download:|2018 Latest 300-085 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-09-15 03:14:47 Post date GMT: 2018-09-15 03:14:47 Post modified date: 2018-09-15 03:14:47 Post modified date GMT: 2018-09-15 03:14:47 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from