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An engineer is setting up provisioning in VCS. Which two components must be in place? (Choose two.)

A. No-charge option key for the VCS Control appliance
B. One or more Movi option keys
C. SMTP server that accepts relay from the TMS server
D. A service account in Active Directory
E. An external AD server that supports secure connections

Answer: AB

You must createa services profile in Cisco Unified Communications Manager as part of the Jabber configuration. Which option is a UC service type?


Answer: C

An engineer is creating a new cluster in TMS and has selected “Enable Provisioning.”
The following error message is seen: “Verify that the tmsprovisioningservice is running.”
What are two reasons for this issue?

A. There is a space in the VCS system name
B. Movi option key has not beenadded to the Cisco TMS
C. SNMP has not been enabled on VCS
D. UPD Port 161 has been blocked on the network
E. The management address on the VCS does not match the TMS IP address

Answer: AB

Where is BFCP desktopvideo sharing enabled?

A. trunk configuration
B. gateway configuration
C. gatekeeper configuration
D. SIP profile
E. phone services
F. common phone profile
G. ILS configuration
H. SIP trunk security profile

Answer: D

You are setting up a Cisco TMS call that must have a dedicated bridge for scheduled conferences and shared-use backup bridges for both scheduled and nonscheduled conferences. Which two components must be set up to enable this call? (Choose two.)

A. two pools, each with a single conference bridge
B. one pool with a single bridge and one pool with multiple bridges
C. enabled cascading
D. two conference bridges, both used exclusively for scheduling
E. at least one bridge for both scheduled and non-scheduled conferences
F. capacity adjustment set to more than 100 percent in Cisco TMS

Answer: BE

What are two types of integration between Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco UnifiedCommunications Manager? (Choose two.)

A. SCCP integration
B. TIMG integration
C. SIP integration
D. PIMG integration
E. H.323 integration

Answer: AC

Which four call management capabilities are valid? (Choose four.)

A. system call handlers
B. operator handlers
C. directory handlers
D. receptionist handlers
E. interview handlers
F. custom recordings

Answer: ACEF

An engineer is configuring Binary Floor Control Protocol for a CTS 3100. What are three required configuration items? (Choose three.)

A. configure the VCS Zone
B. configure the CUCM service parameters
C. configure the SIP Profile
D. configure the VCS Domain
E. configure the Device Profile
F. configure the SIP Trunk

Answer: ACF

To which option does a partition in Cisco Unity Connection belong?

A. mailbox store
B. Unified Messaging service
C. calling search space
D. holidayschedule
E. system call handlers

Answer: C

Which two routing rules are available in Cisco Unity Connection call routing? (Choose two.)

A. direct routing rules
B. indirect routing rules
C. bidirectional routing rules
D. forwarded routing rules
E. backward routing rules
F. inbound routing rules
G. outbound routing rules

Answer: AD

Which tool do you visualize port utilization with on Cisco Unity Connection?

A. Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool
B. Cisco IP Phone
C. Cisco Jabber client
D. port
E. port group
F. Unified Messaging services
G. speech connect port
H. Cisco SDM

Answer: A


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