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[2017-New-Exams]Free Citrix 194Q 1Y0-240 Dumps Braindump2go Offers[11-20]

2017 Oct New Citrix 1Y0-240 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 1Y0-240 Questions:

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Scenario: A network engineer has configured a load balancing virtual server for an HTTP application. Due to the application architecture, it is imperative that a user’s session remains on a single server during the session. The session has an idle timeout of 60 minutes. Some devices are getting inconsistent application access while most are working fine. The problematic devices all have tighter security controls in place. Which step should the engineer take to resolve this issue?

A. Set the cookie timeout to 60 minutes.
B. Configure a backup persistence of SourceIP.
C. Change the HTTP parameters to Cookie Version 1.
D. Utilize SSL offload to enable the application to use SSL.

Answer: B

Scenario: An application that uses HTTP for connections and other protocols for different types of content has been deployed. Load balancing virtual servers have been created for each protocol and the engineer now needs to ensure that once a load balancing decision has occurred, further requests for different content are served from the same server. How could the engineer achieve this?

A. Create a persistency group.
B. Set the Spillover method to DYNAMICCONNECTION.
C. Add a new virtual server for each protocol that is not directly addressable.
D. Set each virtual server to use Source IP Hash as the load balancing method.

Answer: A

Scenario: A network engineer has configured an HTTP application to be load balanced using a virtual server named Svr1. Users have reported intermittent errors and the engineer has been given the client IP address of an affected user and asked to determine which back end service they are connected to. Using the command-line interface, how could the engineer find this information?

A. Show lb vServer Svr1
B. Show system session
C. Show lb vServer Svr1 -Summary
D. Show lb persistentSessions Svr1

Answer: D

Scenario: The network engineer has created a monitor and bound it to a service group containing four web servers to verify that the web application responds. During routine maintenance one of the web servers is shut down; however, the server state remains UP and user requests are still attempting to communicate with the server. What could be causing this problem?

A. The server has been disabled.
B. The monitor is not bound at the correct bind point.
C. Health monitoring is disabled for the service group.
D. The NetScaler configuration has not been saved since before the monitor was bound.

Answer: C

Scenario: An engineer is configuring services to allow load balancing of backend web servers on the internal network. The engineer bound multiple monitors to the first service, but notices that the service is reporting as DOWN. The monitor threshold default has NOT been changed. What could be causing this issue?

A. The service type is HTTP.
B. One of the monitors’ tests is failing.
C. Some of the monitors have a higher weight.
D. The monitors are both reporting an UP status.

Answer: B

Scenario: A NetScaler engineer configured a service and server for RADIUS authentication. To ensure that the RADIUS service is available and responding to authentication requests, the engineer has added the NetScaler built-in monitor to the service. On inspecting the RADIUS service the engineer notices it is marked as DOWN. What could be causing this issue?

A. The built-in monitor has been changed.
B. RADIUS accounting must be enabled under the server.
C. There is no built-in monitor available to monitor RADIUS.
D. The NetScaler-owned IP address has not been added to the RADIUS database.

Answer: D

Scenario: An engineer has configured a virtual server that users access using HTTP port 80. The web application also uses TCP port 81 and 8080 for non-user access. The engineer would like to prevent users from connecting to web servers if any of the ports go down. How should the engineer set this configuration to ensure service availability?

A. Increase the monitor threshold.
B. Lower the server timeout value.
C. Create additional virtual servers for ports 81 and 8080.
D. Create monitors for ports 81 and 8080, and bind to the service or service group.

Answer: D

What should a network engineer configure to set high availability for a load balanced virtual server?

A. Session persistence
B. A backup virtual server
C. Load balancing policies
D. Load balancing Services

Answer: B

Scenario: A NetScaler engineer is adding a new SSL certificate to a NetScaler device. During the process the engineer receives an error message:
“Certificate with key size greater than RSA512 or DSA512 bits not supported.”
The same process has been followed previously on the same model of NetScaler successfully.
What is the likely cause of this error?

A. The certificate hostname is invalid.
B. RSA authentication has been added to the VIP.
C. The NetScaler has not been licensed correctly.
D. The CSR has not been submitted to the certificate authority.

Answer: C

Scenario: A network engineer needs to generate a certificate on the NetScaler appliance. The environment requires a private key with 4096-bit encryption. To generate a new SSL certificate from a NetScaler Appliance, the engineer must first create __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

B. DSA key
C. RSA key
D. Diffie-Hellman key

Answer: C


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