Braindump2go 300-375 Dumps,300-375 Exam Questions,300-375 PDF Dumps,300-375 VCE Dumps,Cisco [2017-New-Version]Exam Pass 100%!Braindump2go 300-375 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 77Q Instant Download[31-40]

[2017-New-Version]Exam Pass 100%!Braindump2go 300-375 Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 77Q Instant Download[31-40]

2017 Sep New 300-375 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 300-375 Questions:

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Which two options are types of MFP that can be performed? (Choose two.)

A.    message integrity check
B.    infrastructure
C.    client
E.    RSN

Answer: BC

Which three commands are part of the requirements on Cisco Catalyst 3850 series Switch with Cisco IOX XE to create a RADIUS authentication server group? (Choose three.)

A.    authentication dot1x default local
B.    aaa session-idcommon
C.    dot1x system-auth-control
D.    aaa new-model
E.    local-auth wcm_eap_prof
F.    security dot1x

Answer: BCD

Which option describes the purpose of configuring switch peer groups?

A.    enforces RF profiles
B.    enables location services
C.    restricts roaming traffic to certain switches
D.    allows template based configuration changes

Answer: C

A customer is concerned that radar is impacting the access point that service the wireless network in an office located near an airport. On which type of channel should you conduct spectrum analysis to identify if radar is impacting the wireless network?

A.    UNII-3 channels
B.    UNII-1 channels
C.    802.11b channels
D.    2.4 GHz channels
E.    UMII-2 channels
F.    Channels 1, 5, 9, 13

Answer: E

A customer is concerned about DOS attacks from a neighboring facility. Which feature can be enabled to help alleviate these concerns and mitigate DOS attacks on a WLAN?

A.    PMF
B.    peer-to-peer blocking
C.    Cisco Centralized Key Management
D.    split tunnel

Answer: A

A network engineer is implementing a wireless network and is considering deploying a single SSID for device onboarding. Winch option is a benefit of using dual SSIDs with a captive portal on the onboard SSID compared to a single SSID solution?

A.    limit of a single device per user
B.    restrict allowed devices types
C.    allow multiple devices per user
D.    minimize client configuration errors

Answer: B

Which mobility mode must a Cisco 5508 wireless Controller be in to use the MA functionality on a cisco catalyst 3850 series switch with a cisco 550 Wireless Controller as an MC?

A.    classic mobility
B.    new mobility
C.    converged access mobility
D.    auto-anchor mobility

Answer: C

MFP is enabled globally on a WLAN with default settings on single controller wireless network. Older client devices are disconnected from the network during a deauthentication attack. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The client devices do not support WPA.
B.    The client devices do not support CCXv5.
C.    The MFP on the WLAN is set to optional
D.    The NTP server is not configured on the controller.

Answer: C

An engineer is configuring client MFP. What WLAN Layer 2 security must be selected to use client MFP?

A.    Static WEP
B.    CKIP
C.    WPA+WPA2
D.    802 1x

Answer: C

Access points at branch sites for a company are in FlexConncct mode and perform local switching, but they authenticate to the central RADIUS at headquarters. VPN connections to the headquarters have gone down, but each branch site has a local authentication server. Which three features on the wireless controller can be configured to maintain network operations if this situation reoccurs? (Choose three.)

A.    Put APs in FlexConnect Group for Remote Branches.
B.    Set Branch RADIUS as Primary.
C.    Put APs in AP Group Per Branch.
D.    Put APs in FlexConnect Group Per Branch.
E.    Set Branch RADIUS OS Secondary.
F.    Set HQ RADIUS a-s primary.

Answer: AEF



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