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[2018-June-New]2V0-602 VCE and PDF(Full Version)362Q Download in Braindump2go[347-362]

2018 June New VMware 2V0-602 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 2V0-602 Real Exam Questions:

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The error message below displays in the Summary tab for a host, even though there are two available uplinks for the vSwitch hosting the VMkernel Port Management Network, providing redundancy:
Host <xxx> currently has no management network redundancy
Which three methods can be used after confirming the correct network configuration? (Choose three.)

A. Set the vSphere HA advanced option das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning to true and reconfigure VMware HA on that host.
B. Disable and then re-enable HA.
C. Restart the management agents from the DCUI.
D. Add a third vmnic to the management network on a vSwitch configured with NIC teaming.
E. Right-click the host and click Reconfigure HA.

Answer: ABE

By using vSphere Standard Switch, what is the maximum number of port groups allowed per host?

A. 1000
B. 2000
C. 1024
D. 900
E. 512

Answer: E

A VMware vSphere Administrator is tasked with enabling Fault Tolerance (FT) on a VM but is unable to.
What is the reason that FT cannot be enabled?

A. The VM has a VMDK that is greater than 2TB.
B. The VM is configured to use Jumbo Frames.
C. The VM has 4 vCPU.
D. The VM is running an operating system that is more than 4 years old.

Answer: C
Enabling fault tolerance on a virtual machine with more that 1 vCPU using the vSphere Client fails.
You see the error:
“The Virtual Machine has x virtual CPUs and is not supported for Fault Tolerance”

What ESXi command line command can be used to troubleshoot basic network connectivity?

A. vmkping
B. vim-cmd
C. vmware-lv
D. chconfig

Answer: A

What load balancing appliance does VMware recommended for deploying a vRealize Log Insight cluster?

A. VMware NSX Load Balancer
B. integrated Load Balancer
C. F5 Big-IP
D. Citrix NetScaler

Answer: B
You can enable the vRealize Log Insight integrated load balancer (ILB) on a vRealize Log Insight cluster to ensure that incoming ingestion traffic is accepted by vRealize Log Insight even if some vRealize Log Insight nodes become unavailable. You can also configure multiple virtual IP addresses.
It is highly recommended that you enable the ILB in a vRealize Log Insight cluster environment.

A vSphere Administrator is tasked with implementing a production VMware vSAN cluster and has followed the design and sizing guide to correctly size the environment. Which two requirements represent valid VMware recommendations? (Choose two.)

A. A disk group must be composed of more than one cache disk and at least one capacity disk.
B. All-Flash configurations do not require a caching tier.
C. A disk group must be composed of one cache disc and at least one capacity disk.
D. The cache tier should be sized to no less than 10% of the capacity tier.

Answer: CD

A vSphere Administrator currently has three two-socket servers that meet the requirements for VMware vSAN. Curently there is VMware Essentials Plus licensing for all servers. Implement a solution based on VMware vSAN?

A. Upgrade to VMware vSphere Standard
B. Upgrade to VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
C. None is required. VMware vSAN is built into the Kernel.
D. Upgrade to VMware vSAN Standard.

Answer: C

Which statement is true when adding a VM to a Resource Pool?

A. The VM share value (%Shares) adjusts to the Resource Pool.
B. The VM reservation changes.
C. The VM limit changes.
D. The VM share value (%Shares) remains unchanged.

Answer: A

What three configuration steps are required to mount an NFS datastore in vSphere? (Choose three.)

A. On each ESXi host, configure a VMkernel Network port for NFS traffic.
B. On the NFS server, configure an NFS volume and export it to be mounted on the ESXi hosts.
C. Configure VMkernel Port Binding.
D. On virtual machines running Microsoft Windows, increase the value of the SCSI TimeoutValue parameter to allow Windows to better tolerate delayed I/O resulting from path failover.
E. If you plan to use Kerberos authentication with the NFS 4.1 datastore, configure the ESXI hosts for Kerberos authentication.

Answer: ABE

In a vSphere environment, a VM is configured as follows:

What is the default size of the VM swap file once the VM is powered on?

A. 1 GB
B. 128 MB
C. 4 GB
D. 2 GB

Answer: C

What is the maximum drive count within one vSAN node?

A. 5 disk groups with 1 caching drive and 7 capacity drives each
B. 5 disk groups with 1 caching drive and 5 capacity drives each
C. 4 disk groups with 1 caching drive and 5 capacity drives each
D. 4 disk groups with 1 caching drive and 7 capacity drives each

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of possible Virtual NICs per VM in vSphere 6.5?

A. 16
B. 10
C. 20
D. 4

Answer: B
Explanation: (10)

Which two statements are true about LACP support with the vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.)

A. LACP works with MAC hash load balancing.
B. LACP does not work with port mirroring.
C. LACP works with software iSCSI multipathing.
D. LACP does not work with host profiles.

Answer: BD

What three types of widgets can be added to a vRealize Log Insight Custom Dashboard? (Choose three.)

A. badge widget
B. event trends widget
C. query list widget
D. heatmap widget
E. chart widget

Answer: BCE

Which of the following options are configurable in a Resource Pool? (Choose two.)

A. CPU affinity
B. CPU Shares
C. Startup/Shutdown order
D. Memory Limit

Answer: BD

What two object types can be created inside of vApp? (Choose two.)

A. vApp
B. Resource Pool
C. VM Folder
D. Virtual Machine

Answer: BD


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