Braindump2go CLO-001 Exam Dumps,CLO-001 Exam Questions,CLO-001 PDF Dumps,CLO-001 VCE Dumps,CompTIA [2018-June-New]Download Braindump2go CLO-001 Exam PDF 239Q Free[111-121]

[2018-June-New]Download Braindump2go CLO-001 Exam PDF 239Q Free[111-121]

2018 June new CompTIA CLO-001 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Just Updated Today! Following are some new CLO-001 Real Exam Questions:

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Which of the following is a unique characteristic of virtualization?

A. Security features
B. Federated identities
C. Shared hardware
D. Sourcing challenges

Answer: C

Which of the following is the MOST complex security provisioning problem in a cloud environment?

A. Handling credit cards for purchasing cloud services
B. Keeping track of cloud provider performance
C. Managing users and their rights across multiple providers
D. Software assets that are introduced and can expire

Answer: C

How can an organization successfully implement a PaaS strategy?

A. Open up internal databases with Web service access.
B. Take inventory of the application portfolio and select external suppliers
C. Standardize on a limited set of virtual machines.
D. Continuously execute performance analytics to monitor providers

Answer: A

Eucalyptus is open-source software for quickly provisioning virtual servers. This is an example of:

A. PaaS
B. IaaS
C. SaaS.
D. On-demand software.
E. None of the above.

Answer: E

Why do business users prefer to deal with cloud providers directly, instead of via the IT department?

A. It reduces financial risks to the business
B. The IT department does not accommodate variable costs
C. They can better measure the provider’s quality
D. They can use their own payment options

Answer: B

Why does request fulfillment become more complicated in a cloud environment?

A. All processes must become automated.
B. Processes must be redesigned with the user experience in mind.
C. The IT service team must be expanded.
D. Users should be aware of the benefits before changes to the process are incorporated

Answer: B

Private clouds are operated solely for _______________ organization(s)

A. governmental
B. specific
C. for-profit
D. multiple

Answer: B

Why are traditional chargeback systems not compatible with cloud computing?

A. Cloud computing is low cost and does not accommodate charge back fees
B. Cloud computing can be more expensive than in-house capacity
C. Licensing models can become outdated quickly
D. Resources that are used can fluctuate throughout the budget cycle

Answer: D

How does cloud computing improve business flexibility?

A. Easier access by users outside of the organization
B. Faster deployment of applications
C. Rapidly growing and shrinking capacity
D. All of the above are correct

Answer: D

How can cloud-related financial risks be managed?

A. Credit cards must be used for handling transactions
B. Eliminating legacy IT systems
C. Making sure that cloud assets are generating revenue
D. Renegotiating license agreements

Answer: C

Which represents the MOST important business continuity risk?

A. Incomplete Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
B. Network connectivity interruption
C. Privacy laws
D. Providers going out of business

Answer: D


1.|2018 Latest CLO-001 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 239Q&As Download:

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