Braindump2go 350-901 Exam Dumps,350-901 Exam Questions,350-901 PDF Dumps,350-901 VCE Dumps,Cisco [April-2021]Download Braindump2go 350-901 Exam PDF 350-901 113 Free[Q143-Q168]

[April-2021]Download Braindump2go 350-901 Exam PDF 350-901 113 Free[Q143-Q168]

April/2021 Latest Braindump2go 350-901 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 350-901 Real Exam Questions!

Refer to the exhibit. Which key value pair from the ios_ntp Ansible module creates the NTP server peer?

A. state: absent
B. state: False
C. config: absent
D. config: False

Answer: D

A developer deploys a SQLite database in a Docker container. Single-use secret keys are generated each time a user accesses the database. The keys expire after 24 hours. Where should the keys be stored?

A. Outside of the Docker container in the source code of applications that connect to the SQLite database.
B. In a separate file inside the Docker container that runs the SQLite database.
C. In an encrypted database table within the SQLite database.
D. In a separate storage volume within the Docker container.

Answer: D

While working with the Webex Teams API, on an application that uses end-to-end encryption, a webhook has been received. What must be considered to read the message?

A. Webhook information cannot be used to read the message because of end-to-end encryption. The API key is needed to decrypt the message.
B. Webhook returns the full unencrypted message. Only the body is needed to query the API.
C. Webhook returns a hashed version of the message that must be unhashed with the API key.
D. Webhook returns message identification. To query, the API is needed for that message to get the decrypted information.

Answer: A

What are two steps in the OAuth2 protocol flow? (Choose two.)

A. The user is authenticated by the authorization server and granted an access token.
B. The user’s original credentials are validated by the resource server and authorization is granted.
C. The user indirectly requests authorization through the authorization server.
D. The user requests an access token by authentication and authorization grant presentation.
E. The user requests the protected resource from the resource server using the original credentials.

Answer: AE

What is the gRPC Network Management Interface protocol?

A. a unified management protocol for streaming telemetry and database logging
B. a configuration management protocol for monitoring
C. a protocol for configuration management and streaming telemetry
D. a logging protocol used across database servers

Answer: C

An application has been developed for monitoring rooms in Cisco Webex. An engineer uses the application to retrieve all the messages from a Cisco Webex room, but the results are slowly presented. Which action optimizes calls to retrieve the messages from the /v1/messages endpoint?

A. Define the ma property by using the pagination functionality.
B. Set the beforeMessage property to retrieve the messages sent before a specific message ID.
C. Avoid unnecessary calls by using a prior request to /v1/rooms to retrieve the last activity property.
D. Filter the response results by specifying the created property in the request.

Answer: A

What are two principles according to the build, release, run principle of the twelve-factor app methodology? (Choose two.)

A. Code changes are able to be made at runtime.
B. Separation between the build, release, and run phases.
C. Releases should have a unique identifier.
D. Existing releases are able to be mutated after creation.
E. Release stage is responsible for compilation of assets and binaries.

Answer: BC

A developer is building an application to access a website. When running the application, an HTTP 403 error code has been received. How should the application be modified to handle this code?

A. Create a loop on cancel the operation and run a new one after the code is received.
B. Use exponential backoff when retrying distributed services and other remote endpoints.
C. Build a try/except around the urlopen to find errors occurring in the request.
D. Redirect the request to an internal web server and make a new request from the internal resource.

Answer: B

When end-to-end encryption is implemented, which area is most vulnerable to exploitation?

A. cryptographic key exchange
B. endpoint security
C. cryptographic key generation
D. security of data in transit

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing in the diagram to show how data is processed in Webex Teams. Not all options are used.


Answer: B

What are two benefits of using distributed log collectors? (Choose two.)

A. supports multiple transport protocols such as TCP/UDP
B. improves performance and reduces resource consumption
C. provides flexibility due to a wide range of plugins and accepted log formats
D. enables extension of logs with fields and export to backend systems
E. buffers and resends data when the network is unavailable

Answer: BE

What are two features of On-Box Python for hosting an application on a network device? (Choose two.)

A. It has direct access to Cisco IOS XE CLI commands.
B. It is a Python interpreter installed inside the guest shell.
C. It enables execution of XML scripts on a Cisco IOS XE router or switch.
D. It supports Qt for graphical interfaces and dashboards.
E. It has access to Cisco IOS XE web UI through a controller.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring Ansible to run playbooks against Cisco IOS XE Software. What should be configured in ansible.cfg as the connection type?

A. network_cli
B. ssh
C. shell
D. command

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The JSON response is received from the Meraki location API. Which parameter is missing?

A. apMac
B. clientMac
C. clientId
D. accesspoint

Answer: B

Which two gRPC modes of model-driven telemetry are supported on Cisco IOS XE Software? (Choose two.)

A. dial-in
B. dial-out
C. call-in
D. call-out
E. passive

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which parameter is missing from the JSON response to confirm the API version that is used?

A. version 4
B. v10
C. 2
D. version 2

Answer: C

What is a capability of the End User Monitoring feature of the AppDynamics platform?

A. discovers traffic flows, nodes, and transport connections where network or application/network issues are developing
B. monitoring local processes, services, and resource use, to explain problematic server performance
C. identifies the slowest mobile and IoT network requests, to locate the cause of problems
D. provides metrics on the performance of the database to troubleshoot performance-related issues

Answer: C

What is the function of dependency management?

A. separating code into modules that execute independently
B. utilizing a single programming language/framework for each code project
C. automating the identification and resolution of code dependencies
D. managing and enforcing unique software version names or numbers

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the code snippets from the bottom onto the blanks in the code to provision a new UCS server. Not all options are used.


Drag and Drop Question
A Python application is being written to run inside a Cisco IOS XE device to assist with gathering telemetry data. Drag and drop the elements of the stack from the left onto the functions on the right to collect and display the telemetry streaming data.


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