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[April-2021]Download COBIT-2019 Dumps PDF from Braindump2go[Q43-Q63]

April/2021 Latest Braindump2go COBIT-2019 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new COBIT-2019 Real Exam Questions!

The value that I&T delivers should be:

A. aligned directly with the values on which the business is focused.
B. focused exclusively on I&T investments that generate financial benefits.
C. restricted to maintaining and increasing value derived from existing I&T investments.

Answer: C
Explanation: (12)

COBIT addresses governance issues by doing which of the following?

A. Grouping relevant governance components into objectives that can be managed to a required capability level
B. Providing a full description of the entire IT environment within an enterprise
C. Defining specific governance strategies and processes to implement in specific situations

Answer: A

Which of the following is a guiding principle in the development of COBIT?

A. COBIT aligns with other related and relevant I&T standards, frameworks and regulations
B. COBIT includes relevant content from other related I&T standards, frameworks and regulations.
C. COBIT serves as a comprehensive standalone framework that covers all relevant I&T-related activities.

Answer: A

Which of the following is an element of governance?

A. Building plans to align with the direction set by the governance body
B. Monitoring activities designed to achieve enterprise objectives
C. Evaluating stakeholder needs to determine enterprise objectives

Answer: A
Element 1: Set a clear purpose and stay focused on it.

In most cases, management of the enterprise is the responsibility of:

A. the project management office.
B. the executive management team.
C. the board of directors.

Answer: A
A strategic (enterprise) PMO (sometimes called the office of strategy management) plays a role in linking the organization’s projects to its strategic plans.

Which of the following benefits derived from the use of COBIT is PRIMARILY associated with an external stakeholder?

A. COBIT provides guidance on how to organize and monitor the performance of I&T across the enterprise.
B. COBIT helps to manage the dependency on the use of external service providers.
C. COBIT helps to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Answer: A

Which of the following is MOST critical to ensuring the objective of managed availability and capacity?

A. Allocation of budgets for business continuity
B. Future prediction of I&T resource requirements
C. Identification of single points of failure

Answer: A

Which of the following is a PRIMARY benefit associated with the management objective “managed strategy?”

A. Desired value is delivered through a roadmap of incremental changes
B. Service delivery is facilitated by adopting the latest technology innovations
C. Effective communication channels are established across all levels of management

Answer: A

Which of the following MUST be defined before determining alignment goals?

A. External laws and regulations
B. Stakeholder drivers and needs
C. Governance and management objectives

Answer: B

Time-to-market is a market that is directly related to which of the following enterprise goals?

A. Optimization of internal business process functionality
B. Portfolio of competitive products and services
C. Managed digital transformation programs

Answer: B

Which of the following would be an appropriate metric associated with an enterprise goal of “Business service continuity and availability”?

A. Satisfaction levels of board and executive management with business process capabilities
B. Ratio of significant incidents that were not identified in risk assessments vs. total incidents
C. Number of business processing hours lost due to unplanned service interruptions

Answer: C
Explanation: (58)

Which of the following enterprise goals is within the Customer dimension of the IT balanced scorecard?

A. Delivery of programs on time and on budget
B. Product and business innovation
C. Quality of management information

Answer: C

Which of the following cascades to enterprise goals?

A. Stakeholder needs
B. Organizational objectives
C. Enterprise strategy

Answer: C

Which of the following metrics would BEST enable an enterprise to evaluate an alignment goal specifically related to security of information and privacy?

A. Ratio and extent of erroneous business decisions in which erroneous I&T-related information was a key factor
B. Number of critical business processes supported by up-to-date infrastructure and applications
C. Number of confidentiality incidents causing financial loss, business disruption or public embarrassment.

Answer: C
Explanation: (31)

Which of the following would be an appropriate metric to align with a goal of “Delivery of programs on time, on budget, and meeting requirements and quality standards”?

A. Percent of stakeholders satisfied with program/project quality
B. Percent of business staff satisfied that IT service delivery meets agreed service levels
C. Level of user satisfaction with the quality and availability of I&T-related management information

Answer: A
Explanation: (32)

The alignment goal “Delivery of I&T services in line with business requirements” is organized into which IT balanced scorecard (BSC) dimension?

A. Customer
B. Financial
C. Internal

Answer: A
Explanation: (31)

Which of the following management objectives is related to optimization of system performance?

A. Managed I&T management framework
B. Managed availability and capacity
C. Managed service agreements

Answer: B

The ability to rapidly turn business requirements into operational solutions is an example of which type of goal?

A. An enterprise goal
B. A strategic goal
C. An alignment goal

Answer: C

Which of the following would BEST help to determine whether intended outcomes of IT governance are being achieved?

A. Reviewing business satisfaction survey results
B. Reviewing the balanced scorecard
C. Reviewing the governance business case

Answer: B

The alignment goal titled “Knowledge, expertise and initiatives for business innovation” is aligned to which IT balanced scorecard (BSC) dimension?

A. Customer
B. Learning and Growth
C. Internal

Answer: B

Which of the following comprises the “information flow” component of a governance system?

A. People, skills and competencies
B. Assignment of responsibility and accountability roles
C. Process practices that include inputs and outputs

Answer: C
Explanation: (32)

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