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[Dec-2017-New]High Quality Braindump2go 300-165 VCE Dumps 199Q Free Share[Q126-Q136]

2017 Dec New Cisco 300-165 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new added 300-165 Exam Questions:

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On a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720, an aggregate policer can be applied on which three of these? (Choose three.)

A. an IP subnet
B. a module with a DFC
C. a fabric channel interface
D. a port
F. a group of VLANs

Answer: DEF

In a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch with redundant supervisors, how is the Cisco IOS image upgraded?

A. The active supervisor automatically synchronizes the image to the standby supervisor.
B. The standby supervisor is removed and reinstalled in the chassis to synchronize images.
C. The line cards in the chassis are reloaded upon supervisor switchover.
D. SSO is used to automatically synchronize images between the active and standby supervisors.

Answer: C

Which two benefits are realized when deploying Cisco Catalyst 6500 VSS 1440 functionality in a data center? (Choose two.)

A. Stateful Switchover across chassis
B. enhanced security of network equipment
C. enhanced speed of spanning-tree convergence
D. reduced number of Inter-Switch Links
E. implementation of Multichassis EtherChannel
F. deployment of VRRP and HSRP

Answer: AE

Which two file systems can hold a Cisco Catalyst 6500 IOS image? (Choose two.)

A. system:
B. disk0:
C. sup-microcode:
D. nvram:
E. sup-bootdisk:
F. flash:

Answer: BE

A, Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch suffers a supervisor failure. Which statement is true regarding Cisco NSF functionality?

A. The line cards are reloaded.
B. The neighbouring routers do not participate in Cisco NSF .
C. The Cisco Express Forwarding cache is pruned.
D. Layer 3 reconvergence does not occur.
E. Cisco NSF can be deployed with RPR+.

Answer: D

Your customer wants to use distinct security policies for different departments.
What must be configured?

A. distinct VLAN for each department
B. separate ACL group for each department
C. unique firewall context for each department
D. individual security level for each department

Answer: C

Using the default VDC high-availability options in the Cisco Nexus 7010 switch, which event occurs after a VDC failure?

A. VDC restart occurs.
B. The VDC is deleted.
C. VDC bringdown occurs, and the VDC must be restarted manually.
D. VDC shutdown occurs, and the VDC must be restarted manually.

Answer: D

In policy-based routing, which action is taken for packets that do not match any of the route-map statements?

A. forwarded after the egress queue empties on the outbound interface
B. forwarded using the last statement in the route map
C. forwarded using the closest matching route-map statement
D. forwarded using destination-based routing

Answer: D

Which two issues explain why a packet is not being routed as desired in a policy-based routing configuration? (Choose two.)

A. The route map is not applied to the egress interface.
B. The route map is not applied to the ingress interface.
C. The next hop that is configured in the route map is not in the global routing table.
D. The next hop that is configured in the route map has a higher metric than the default next hop.

Answer: CD

What is the Overlay Transport Virtualization site VLAN used for?

A. to allow the join interfaces at different sites to communicate
B. to detect devices at the site that are not capable of OTV
C. to allow multiple site AEDs to communicate with each other
D. to detect other OTV edge devices in the site

Answer: D
The edge device performs OTV functions: it receives the Layer 2 traffic for all VLANs that need to be extended to remote locations and dynamically encapsulates the Ethernet frames into IP packets that are then sent across the transport infrastructure. It is expected that at least two OTV edge devices are deployed at each data center site to improve the resiliency.
Reference: I3_OTV_Intro/DCI_1.html

Which statement about FabricPath and private VLANs is true?

A. FabricPath ports can be put into a private VLAN.
B. All VLANs in the private VLAN must in the same mode.
C. Private VLANs are not supported with FabricPath.
D. FabricPath is the only mode supported for private VLANs.

Answer: B

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